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Friday, December 20th, 2013



…Grabbing those last few gifts, forcing yourself to get your cards done, almost there, but for the dreaded Christmas supermarket shop – we love it really!

Anyway wherever you go or whatever you are up to we hope you have a good one!

As this will no doubt be the last Blog of the year I think light humour is the order of the day, so as I reflect upon the trials and tribulations of a busy Personal Injury Department throughout 2013, the following comes to mind:-

In no particular order…

1.The non-existent motorway

We had to go to a meeting somewhere around Leicester, so being clever I put in Google Maps the search for directions from Birmingham to Leicester.  I was telling the person we were meeting we would be coming on the motorway.  It was not until the next day that I realised the motorway was the fictional line that Google draws between the two points.  Pity, we would have got there in no time at all!  I did come clean and admit it though!

2.My Boss

She can be funny.  I returned from a day away from the office to a note on my file written by my boss starting with the words:- “DON’T PANIC…”  So what happens……………………..


One of the traits of a personal injury solicitor is that when we walk along the pavement we look down, making sure we don’t trip over hazards.  Quite recently the police helicopter was flying overhead which caused me to look up.  There in all their glory were gargoyles on buildings I walk past daily.  I could not believe I had not noticed them before….


We have had a tough year in the Personal Injury Department what with changes in law and procedure.  You know it’s a tough day when our boss buys us doughnuts to cheer us up.  Doughnuts now represent the Personal Injury Department usually on a difficult day!


Us girls have it sorted now.  To beat the crowds in the New Street Primark we have a system in place.  Get there just before 8am and wait for the doors to open.  You have the store to yourself.  Not such good news for our other halves though!

Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingham - Christmas Tree 3

6.New Law and Procedure

We stopped laughing however when we in the Personal Injury Department were faced with sweeping changes to personal injury law and procedure.  When we came into the office on the morning of 1 April 2013 we all kind of looked at one another.  It was as if a fairy had waived her magic wand and we were waiting for something to happen.  Of course nothing did, except in the days and months that followed when we had to apply the new rules.

7.German Market

You may be envious of us having the German Market only seconds away, but in effect what it does is trap us in the office.  It’s far too busy to walk down New Street at lunchtime, so here we all are working our lunches!


The torture is listening to endless Christmas songs from the German Market (which we can hear from our offices) from mid-November. Bah, humbug!

9.The Coley & Tilley Tablecloth

Yes, we now have a Coley & Tilley Tablecloth which we throw over a table when at a presentation or stand at an outside event.  This was carefully produced with cloth from the Birmingham Indoor Market, sewn up by Linda’s daughter and the name printed on the front by a local printing company, all arranged by our Kimberley who was very proud.  So you can imagine the impact on her when it went missing just before an event.  Off we went, back to the Birmingham Indoor Market to get a replacement, but it was just a rag…  Then would you know it as soon as we had bought the new tablecloth, we found the old one hidden away in a cupboard in the conference room, not its usual home.  The culprit remains at large.. they still have not owned up!

10.The Ghost of Personal Injury Pal

I have no idea of the history of the building, but it is old, so not surprisingly there is a creak here and there from time to time.  I personally have been in the office and have heard a rattle at the door, have seen a shadow and subconsciously have waited for someone to come through, but no one did.  When I commented about it I learned that it has happened before!  A Personal Injury Pal Ghost – that would help with marketing!

To ‘wrap’ things up we have had a good year, with good colleagues, bosses and clients.

We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

Don’t forget we do have an out of hour’s number for New Personal Injury Claims! See our webpage.

Your claim – with a personal touch!

Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingham - Happy Holidays

Christmas Shopping – A Breeze!

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

I work full time as a Personal Injury Solicitor at Personal Injury Pal, Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingham.

If you work or have young children fitting everything in can be difficult.  It can lead to stress especially in the lead up to Christmas.  I share with you some wise words:-

When we are young our parents guide and nurture us through life until we are able to stand on our own two feet.

As I reflect on my childhood some memories are more prominent than others.  It seems as I get older I tend to look back all the more often.

One memory is being back at home in the dining room and my father giving me some advice as I was about to leave home and take my first steps into the big wide world.

“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”, he said.

I don’t know why this quote has stuck with me through the years.  Maybe because each time I went to put something off I recalled my father saying:-

“Don’t put that task off!”

but still delayed getting on with the task.

I have now learned from my mistakes and have taken my father’s wise words on board.

More recently I read a quote from Mark Twain:

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”,

…not too dissimilar from my father’s words.

Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingham - Shopping

I share with you my father’s advice and also some tips on time management, although I am no expert.  Tips which I use in my work and home life.  Tips which may help you with your Christmas Shopping!

Use a paper calendar, paper diary or the electronic version on your mobile.

Record deadlines, important dates and diarise a reminder a week before the deadline/important date.

Each day write a ‘To Do List’

Prioritise the jobs on your ‘To Do List’

Do the most difficult task early in the day when you are fresh – don’t put it off (unless of course another task becomes more of a priority)

If you are getting distracted by emails, phone calls, make a quick note of the message and return to the task in question.  You can deal with the messages later.

When you set about a difficult task, break it down on a list into small manageable portions.  As you tackle each portion, tick it off.  Trust me, before you know it your page has ticks down it with just one or two to go, which are done in no time at all.


Have a break at lunchtime, walk outside in the fresh air.  This will set you up for the afternoon.  You may think that working through your lunch is more productive, but if you are tired tasks take longer.

So for example, Christmas Shopping:-

Write down the date you intend to go Christmas Shopping.

Make a ‘To Do List’.  On the list will be the name of the people you are going to buy for.

Write down the amount you want to spend.  Write down the gifts you are going to buy for them; if you don’t know write down shops which you think suitable gifts for that person can be bought from.

Then take your first step.  Go out and browse the shops (or Internet).  You may find you get just one present on your first trip out, or you may get them all.  What matters is that you have made a start and you can tick off the first task from you list.20131105_074118

Try it, it works for me – although I have yet to embark on my Christmas Shopping!

Any more tips on Christmas Shopping or Time Management, please share them with us!