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I would like to boast that I am quite a motivated person most of the time.

Over the years I have fought to get over difficulties to achieve success.

Where do you get that motivation from you may wonder? You can’t buy it in a bottle from Boots although I am sure if you could it would be flying off the shelves!

I guess we all have different paths we travel down to ‘get there’.  Different things that inspire us.

I share with you a story and a saying which I relate to as I travel through my life.

The first is a motivational story which I read on the Internet a few years ago now, the title is:-

‘How to get more work done in a day?’

The author takes you through the last day at work before you go on holiday.  It starts the night before.  In your mind you are thinking what needs to be done.  You jot down on paper the tasks, yes, you make a plan.

You set your alarm early and up you get, keen and eager to get to work to get started.  Nothing is going to stop you or get in your way.

Sometimes when you want to chat with colleagues they never seem interested, but this day everyone wants to chat to you.  But colleagues are not going to chat to you today that is for sure!

You lock yourself away in your office and you are off. Some days that difficult job sits in the corner of your room with a blue nuclear glow coming from it.  Not today – it is worked on and done before you know it.  You continue moving swiftly through your tasks.  Answers to difficult problems are there straight away. You have confidence, energy, and motivation.

As your working day draws to an end, you put a final spurt on.  Then the clock strikes the hour and you’re done.  Done in, but done. Wow, off on holidays now.  What a feeling.

So what is the moral of the story?  Treat every day like it’s the day before your holiday and you will get more work done! You will achieve more than your competitors and you will succeed!

The second is the saying:-Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingham - Daffodils

‘Give me a child at 7 and I will give you the man’

By the time I heard this saying I was a solicitor, but always wanted to teach as well.

I then had the opportunity of fulfilling my ambition by teaching.  I taught law part-time in the evenings to adult students.

One day the lady in charge of employing me threw a summer barbecue and it was whilst I was there that the conversation turned to the saying “Give me a child at 7 and I will give you the man”.  I had not heard of it and it was explained to me.   In a nutshell, whatever a child is doing at 7 is likely the occupation they will do as an adult.  So true in my case.  I used to line my teddies along the bed, take the register and give them papers and pens so they could do their work!

Which brings me to my own daughter who is very keen on taking a trip to Japan. I was recently chatting to her about the saying, ‘Give me a child at 7 and I will give you the man,’ and how it was true in my case, to which she replied, “Well that makes sense at 7 I was playing with tamagotchi’s!”

(Just to remind you they were the virtual pets created by the Japanese which us mums had to take to work with us to feed whilst our kids were at school!)

If you have any quotes which have inspired you please share with us.

Happy Easter from Personal Injury Pal, Personal Injury Solicitors, Birmingham

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