Understanding Personal Injury Claims

Can I claim?

To claim compensation for personal injuries you must be able to blame the person or company who caused your accident in which you suffered injury.

The other person or company must have acted negligently or be in breach of their statutory duty to keep you safe.

Examples of common accident claims:

  1. If a negligent driver crashes into you and causes you injury
  2. If your employer fails to keep you safe at work. A machine may have been defective which caused you to sustain injuries
  3. You trip and are injured due to a pothole caused by the local authority failing to maintain the footpath

If you are unsure whether you can claim, just call us and we will advise you.

The limitation period for personal injury claims is generally just 3 years from the date of accident. The earlier you instruct a solicitor the better as evidence in support of your claim can be obtained, for example there may be CCTV footage of your accident.

An experienced, qualified solicitor will handle your claim.

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