The Importance of Independent Witnesses

The Importance of Independent Witnesses – Helen Powell, Solicitor, Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingham

If you are involved in an accident, the chances are that passers-by will stop to help.  If a passer-by stops to help it is very likely that they have witnessed the accident, but it not, they are on the scene moments later.  Either way, their evidence as to what they saw or heard can be crucial in determining the outcome of who is to blame for causing the accident. This is because prior to the accident they did not know either party and therefore they have nothing to win or lose by making a witness statement as to what happened.

I have acted for personal injury clients now for 12 years now and believe it or not it is rare that a client will provide a name and phone number of an independent witness.  Don’t get me wrong, 99% of the time passers-by do stop to help, but injured clients don’t think to get their details.  Not surprisingly, they say they were in pain and shock and “did not think”.  You could simply ask others around you to ask witnesses for names and addresses.

The opposing insurance company or a judge in court will place more reliance on the evidence of an independent witness.

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