The Friday Feeling

It’s Friday afternoon and I am sitting in my office in Birmingham.  Time is creeping up on me.  All I can think about is the weekend, but first I must write my Blog.  I put my road traffic accident file away.

What will I write about today?

My mind is a blank.  My secretary bounds in with a big smile on her face and says,

“Thank God it’s Friday and almost pay day!”

This sets me thinking.  Most of my life I have worked Monday-Friday 9-5 so I know how exciting the Friday Feeling is.  It is hard to describe but everyone knows how it feels.  A few minutes to go and that’s it for the whole weekend.  You can look forward to the pub or a glass of wine at home, whatever you choose it’s just the best time of the week.  Family and friends thrown into the mix, as well as lie ins for two days – there are not many people out there who don’t enjoy the Friday Feeling.

Walking through the buzzing city centre and all the workers have an extra bounce in their step.  Anyone would think we didn’t like work!

Even Facebook posts have references to the Friday Feeling and finishing for the weekend.Accident Claim Birmingham - Friday Feeling

If you have a getaway planned, the Friday Feeling is so much better!

Pay day is good too.  Everything is good on pay day.  And we can all have a treat, whether it is buying new clothes, a night out, a takeaway or a bottle of wine; we all get a treat don’t we?

Then it’s Saturday morning or the day after payday and the feeling is gone.  Still it’s good while it lasts, ay?

Take care on the way home especially as the nights are drawing in.  I suspect there are more road traffic accidents in Birmingham in winter, on the dark wet roads.  Wear something reflective if you are walking by the side of busy roads or if you are riding bicycles.  Keep safe so you can enjoy many more Friday Feelings and paydays!

If you are unfortunate to be injured in a road traffic accident in Birmingham or elsewhere, Personal Injury Pal can help.  Read our step by step advice page on what to do in the event of an accident or give us a call.  We operate an out of hours number 07909 925663.  See our website for more details.