Sunburn – The power of the sun!

How can I possibly have sunburn? Me of all people? I have sunburn on my lower back!

As I put pen to paper to write my next Blog, it’s not hard to think of a subject:- Sunburn, the power of the sun!

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To start the story I have to turn the pages back a few years.  A strange mark appeared on my face so off I went to see my GP.  He referred me to the Dermatology Department at the local hospital.  A doctor there advised that it was one of those age spots.  The perils of growing old hey?  Whilst there though they did remove a mole which they thought was suspect, but fortunately it turned out to be fine.

Turning the pages, a year or two later I noticed a mole which seemed to be growing on my arm.  As I had already been through the mill at the Dermatology Department, I was more aware of suspicious moles.  I therefore decided again to visit my GP and routinely I was referred to Dermatology.  To my surprise when I got there they wanted to remove my mole there and then!  “To be on the safe side,” they said.  I opted not to have my mole removed there and then as I faced a long drive, however I was soon back at the hospital.

My mole was removed and I attended for a follow up appointment to get my results.  It was an evening appointment after a long day’s work.  I was kept waiting so long I thought they had forgotten me.  It was a job to keep calm, but after around an hour’s wait I was called in.  Almost immediately the consultant said that cancer cells had been found in the mole, a melanoma. What? Was the word ringing around in my head.  And there was me worrying about being kept waiting!  The rest of the appointment was a blur, but I did establish that I had to have a further operation to remove skin around my cancerous mole.

I had my operation and the skin was removed.  It was sent off for analysis.  It was not long and I was back before the consultant.  This time, fortunately, the result was negative.  The cancer had not spread.

The consultant was really helpful.  I admitted that as a child I did get sunburnt, but this was quite common in the 60’s because people did not know the dangers then. I admitted that I liked to sunbathe which was usually only on holiday and possibly the occasional weekend.  After all, spare time was a luxury as I had a full time job and a family.  I did not think the cause was foreign holidays because I had only been abroad a few times and not for years.  Nor did I use sunbeds.    The cause may have just been walking around with my arms exposed, like most people do!

A page had now turned and things changed.  My consultant advised me to still go in the sun otherwise I would become vitamin D deficient.  He advised me to wear factor 30, to only sit in the sun for a while and never to sunbathe.  And that’s what I’ve stuck to for the last 4 years.  Fake tan is good!

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Which brings me back to last weekend.  I did not plan to weed the garden, but once I’d started there was no stopping me.  I was out there Saturday and Sunday.  The sun was strong.  My arms and face were exposed, but I had applied plenty of factor 30.  I therefore could not believe it when I realised I had sunburn on my lower back.  I’d been bending over to take out the weeds and of course I had not realised that my T shirt had been riding up my back!  I had been burnt by the sun whilst weeding and whilst I was covered up – or so I thought!

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Just be careful out there!