Solicitors do have their off days… Here are some true stories!

Trials are always unpredictable

I was at the court trial of an accident claim and my client was giving evidence.  We had arranged an interpreter for her as she did not speak English. It was not long before we realised the interpreter was not interpreting what our client was saying; he did not understand her. You never quite know what will happen at a court trial and this was a classic example.  The trial was postponed, but fortunately the parties managed to reach a settlement.


Never too old to learn

Accident Claim Birmingham - teacher markingA teacher client of mine was checking through his statement in relation to his accident claim.  He proceeded to take out his red pen and marked the statement, correcting punctuation and spellings.  It was like being back at school.





Lassie Come Home

Accident Claim Birmingham - LassieA stray dog was running over the main road in danger of being knocked down, so we took him in the office.  We fed him, bought him a lead and kept him at work until the dog catcher arrived.  It was a happy ending as the dog was reunited with the owner.  Unfortunately, we do not represent dogs in accident claims in Birmingham.


Judges are human

I was at a hearing for an accident claim in court when the Judge’s mobile phone went off. He apologised. You would think that was bad enough, but he proceeded to take the call.  When he ended the call the Judge apologised again, chuckled, and said he was setting a bad example!  I wonder if he would have been so amused if my client had done the same!