As we approach the holiday season we all look forward to that well-earned break from work or the kitchen sink. Your break may be in the form of day trips out or an early ‘get-a-way’.
Wherever you go or whatever you do, one thing is certain, you will be spending more time with your other half….

Plain sailing? Or maybe not?

I know! I have been in a relationship for many years!

In my case though going on holiday is a happy time. There is less stress generally and holidays are always fun.
On the flip side, however, the stressful times are those mundane normal days.
So here are the first 10 things which have entered my head to describe those irritating, niggling moments:-
Accident Claim Birmingham - Dogs

1. Pets
There is a family argument going on. Your hubby has sided with your son and you have sided with your daughter. Yes, it’s girls against boys. You have to then resort to including pets. They win, we had a boy dog and a boy cat, but only one girl cat! 4 against 3!

2. Housework
Hubby does the housework and expects a thank you. I do the housework, but do I get a thank you? No! He even leaves the hoover out so that I know he’s been doing the chores!

3. Cats again
Accident Claim Birmingham - Cat Hettie
Our girl cat, Daisy-May, has a set routine. When she wants to leave the living room she always runs under the table before being let out of the door. So I get up to open the door. She runs under the table and then just sits there. Seriously, she won’t go out unless hubby opens the door. My plan is to record this and download it on to ‘You Tube’ for you all to see!

4. Food
Our roles are reversed now. Hubby buys the shopping and he may buy a new type of cheese for example which I say is lovely. He buys it again and again because I like it. Has he not heard the expression ‘Variety is the spice of life’?

5. “It’s on the side”
One of my favourite comedians is Lee Evans and I just love the sketch where the ‘Mrs’ says “It’s on the side.” On the way out to work I’m looking for my keys, phone, glasses as you do with hubby grumbling in the background because I can’t find stuff. Of course he NEVER loses stuff!

6. Taking your bag to the loo
We all do it don’t we girls? We are out in a bar and need the loo and off we go with our handbags closely by our side. We re-touch our make-up and the like, but have you ever left your bag in the capable hands of your other half whilst you are away for just a minute or two? What do they do? Go to the bar or for a quick cigarette and where is your bag? All forgotten about at the table on its own with a neon sign glowing from it saying “come and steal me!”

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7. Gossiping
I go to the shops to buy food. In and out so I can get on. He’s there chatting to mates we bump into. Mates in one aisle, then mates in another aisle. Not a care in the world and I’m there with my false smile wishing he’d hurry up, tapping my feet.

8. Soaps
A bit of Corrie or Emmerdale is just what we girls need to relax after a busy day at the office. Not hubby’s cup of tea as he prefers the boys’ programmes for example ‘Top Gear’ and the like. So when I’m not in the room why are you watching the soaps?

9. Big softie
The kids are all grown up and independent, so we make a pact to start saving. Our daughter only has to look at him with her puppy dog eyes and there he is using the credit card to buy her shopping or that ‘must have’ top!

10. Facebook
Don’t tell me you are fed up of me going on Facebook. I resisted for years and hubby kept saying how brilliant it was until eventually I relented! I have my own Facebook and our Personal Injury Pal Facebook.

So there are my first 10 irritating, niggling moments which entered my head which could quite easily stretch to 50 or more…..

Despite the negatives our other halves are always there for us, so give them an extra hug this holiday.

We hope you have a happy and fun Bank Holiday Weekend, but if you do need advice on a personal injury claim you can look at our ‘Free Advice’ section on our website or call us on our ‘out of hours’ number for new personal injury claims only. You never know, you might get some great advice!