Ophthalmic Negligence Claims

Article written by Kate Campbell-Gunn, Associate Solicitor

Ophthalmic injuries can occur when there is an injury to the eye or the eye gets infected following a procedure. The eyes are very sensitive, so prompt diagnosis and treatment of problems is crucial to maximise the chance of a good recovery.

At Personal Injury Pal, we have helped many people claim compensation when medical negligence has affected their eyes and vision including:

  • retinal detachment
  • failed cataract surgery
  • delay in diagnosing glaucoma
  • diabetic retinopathy
  • delay in diagnosing ethambutol toxicity
  • laser eye surgery.

Our experienced negligence claims solicitors know of the devastating effects of serious eye injuries or blindness and we can help to make living with the outcome easier.

Eye Injuries due to Medical Negligence

When you have suffered an injury that could, with reasonable care, have been avoided you should make a claim for compensation. The money you receive can help provide the medical treatment you need, as well as covering expenses and the cost of ongoing care.

At Personal Injury Pal, our negligence claims lawyers will establish the care and treatment you need and will help you recover compensation to cover everything associated with your injury. We offer no win, no fee arrangements as part of investigating your claim, and are committed to delivering the best possible result for you.

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We have an excellent success rate and have secured compensation payments for our clients ranging from £1,000 to £9 million.

So far this year our team have recovered in excess of £1 million for clients like you.

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