Mums in the Workplace

Go to the shops. Buy milk bread and cigarettes.  Go to the shops.  Buy milk bread and cigarettes.

Accident Claim Birmingham - confused woman

I am a solicitor now dealing with clients’ accident claims in Birmingham but not too long ago I was reciting the above ensuring that I did not forget items which I had gone out to the shop to buy

Recent mums may relate to this.  For some reason you have a baby and probably because you have so much new baby stuff to remember, you kind of forget ordinary everyday items like what you need from the shop

My children are grown up now but I do still reflect on the difficult times of balancing being a mum with studying law and later qualifying as a solicitor dealing with accident claims in Birmingham.

On the way into work this morning I read a quote apparently written by a ‘Robert Frost’:-

Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less travelled and that has made all the difference.”

Accident Claim Birmingham - Two woodland paths

I certainly took the road less travelled as I did not study law until I had a tiny baby and upon entering the last year of my law degree my second child came along.

I did fall asleep in lectures and could not answer questions as I had not prepared in advance, but I hid it well.  I used to pretend I was thinking of the answer when all I was doing was saying in my head, ‘ask someone else, please, please ask someone else’……

Although I did have the support of my husband, I still lived my life at 100mph, juggling kids, with study and work and have continued to do so since.

Has the less travelled path made the difference?

I believe that taking the less travelled road in the wood has resulted in me acquiring skills whereby I am 100% committed to my clients when I handle their accident claims in Birmingham; the same commitment I had in the earlier years amongst the chaos of kids, study and work.

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