Melted Chocolate:

D Day has arrived.  We’ve gorged ourselves on our last Easter egg and we are now in that post Easter feeling that merely the very sight of another egg will make us sick!!

Personal injury is now governed by the new rules and regime change.  Ours and our clients’ ability to gorge on these cases will no longer be allowed and we are now on a strict regime of everything having consequences and we all have to take a hit on the benefits.  And so here we are.  No longer can we guarantee clients’ 100% of their damages.  No longer can solicitors firms “spring up” and earn a small fortune in fees.

Time will tell whether such austerity cuts will benefit all in the long term.  However personally I think the wet wipes should be available certainly short term whilst people grasp onto that last piece of chocolate which will inevitably melt as the new regime bites!