“Mad Quackers”

As I stood at the train station in the sub zero temperature I witnessed first hand a flagrant breach of Health & Safety issues opposite me.  No warning signs; no barriers; no staff guidance; no warning bells.  My heart rate increased as I watched the subject in question casually wander off the edge of the platform to take a shortcut to her destination.  Whilst she ambled along I waited anxiously to see impending doom when the 8.05 am to Liverpool approached.  Thankfully disaster was avoided.  But it led me to raise a question; common sense!?  In this “health & safety gone mad” world as Personal Injury Solicitors we constantly have to face situations like this daily.  Each case will turn on its own facts.  Certain cases will mean that we have to say “sorry we can’t help”, others will be ones where the blame can be apportioned.  In certain circumstances the whole blame will be with the other party.  You may think you have no case but a solicitor with Personal Injury experience will assess each case on its facts. If in doubt whether you have a case then please contact us and we will see what we can do.

As for the subject of my story – well truth be told she couldn’t have signed the No Win No Fee Agreement anyway.  Thankfully she waddled safely back to her pond!!