Just Physical Pain?

Accidents cause injury.  There is a natural assumption of people to think that unless people “see” the injury there is no injury.

Injuries are not just obvious ones.  Injury can have a devastating effect upon an individual and their family.  It impacts on every part of their life.  It is therefore not surprising that psychological consequences of such an injury can happen. The impact of an accident from a psychological standpoint will vary from person to person.  We are all different and will react in different ways.

There is always a “shock” element initially after the accident but if after time, you yourself know that “things” just aren’t quite right, talk to your family.  They may have noticed changes in your mood or personality.  If “things” still don’t feel quite right go and see your GP and talk to them.  GP’s will understand and your thoughts will be more common than you think.  If you are pursuing an accident claim in Birmingham or elsewhere, mention your thoughts to your solicitor.

Psychological injuries are just as, if not sometimes, more important than physical injuries and left to their own devices, without help can lead to more serious complications and impacts on the lives of you and your family.

If you pursue an accident claim with a solicitor at Personal Injury Pal, Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingham, we will talk to you and will listen to all of your concerns about the impact that your accident has had on you.  We recognise that there is more to the aspects of a injury then just the physical side.

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