Full Circle

Some, including myself, are old enough to remember the days pre No Win No Fee.

A regime where if you were low paid or on benefits you could pursue a claim for Personal Injury through Legal Aid.  There were times when our potential clients of “middle income” could not afford to pursue a claim.  Any risk, no matter how low was treated as a risk.  And so No Win No Fee Agreements were introduced and for a while ran alongside Legal Aid.

Suddenly my numbers of “middle income” cases increased.  Access to Justice was increased!!  A good day for all!!  Did any of my new type of client complain?  No.  Did they argue and question why they should pay something from their damages, be it success fee or insurance premium?  No.  Why not?  Because at that time people including myself recognised that this was a new benefit.

People who had never had access to justice because of the prohibitive costs could now get justice.  Amid this new regime, where clients can lose up to 25% and have to pay insurance premiums let’s not lose sight of the fact that yes there has been change.  However are we in a better position than prior to No Win No Fee Agreements?  Yes.  I would still like to think so.  Time will tell.