From Snow at Bank Holidays to Motorcyclists and a daft dog

Accident Claim Birmingham Easter eggs in basket

Easter Eggs

Could this be a first?  Snow on the ground on a Bank Holiday?  I live in Telford in Shropshire and it has been a weekend of shovelling snow to get the car off the driveway.  We tried to buy a snow shovel, but they were all out of stock.  Yes people panic bought snow shovels!  We should be buying seeds, compost, paddling pools and barbecues.

For those who do not work, on a usual spring Bank Holiday, you will probably head out somewhere.  Whether it be a meal out, the shops or further afield such as AltonTowers or the coast.  It is a time to relax with our families or friends.

One thing I have noticed, which is upsetting, is that if you pick up a local paper after a Bank Holiday weekend there will be a report of a road traffic accident, probably involving motorcyclists.  I assume that motorcyclists take to the road to go to bike meetings or just go on a day trip with other riders.  They use the country roads and as I understand practise the bends, some maybe in training for the TT races on the Isle of Man.

I have actually seen two riders come off their bikes, but fortunately they escaped serious injury.  One came off going around a bend of a country road, the other on a bend in a town.  On both occasions we stopped to help.  Neither of the riders would have been able to claim because the accident was their fault.  To claim you must be able to blame another driver.

I accept that usually with motorcycle accidents, however, it is not the rider’s fault.  Car drivers do not always ‘Think Bike’ when pulling out.  I have dealt with a claim whereby a car driver pulled out from stationary as a motorcyclist was overtaking.  The motorcyclist was knocked off his bike and was injured.  He succeeding in his claim against the car driver.   This accident occurred because the car driver did not look over his right shoulder to check for traffic before pulling out.

It is probably therefore a perception that there are more accidents involving motorcyclists on Bank Holidays than car drivers.  Unfortunately their accidents tend to be more serious and hence why they are reported in the press.

Whether you are a motorcyclist or car driver please drive carefully over the forthcoming Bank Holiday weekends.  If you are unfortunate to be involved in an accident don’t forget that Personal Injury Pal can help if you are considering making an accident claim in Birmingham.  Please contact us or turn to our ‘Free Advice’ pages.

Accident Claim Birmingham dog jumping out of car

Daft Dog

I do recall a funny incident on a hot summer day. 

The ring road around Telford Town Centre has three lanes all in one direction.  All of a sudden a Labrador dog jumped out the open front passenger window of a moving car which was in front, but to the left of us.   The dog rolled, but got to its feet and shook itself down.  The owner pulled up sharply and got out to retrieve the dog.  All was fine but things could have been a lot worse.  Cars behind could have crashed into the owner’s car or the dog could have been run over.  People could have been hurt.

Personal Injury pal hope you enjoy the forthcoming Bank Holiday weekends, but please keep safety in mind when out on the road.