Drink Driving

Today is the official start of the Christmas Drink Drive Appeal.

On listening to the news I was encouraged to see the statistics – 91% of people now think that it is unacceptable to drink drive; deaths caused by drink driving down from 760 (1979) to 230 per annum. Bottles of Wine, Personal Injury Pal, Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingham

At Personal Injury Pal I look out for such statistics and I am naturally drawn to any news with regards to accidents.  Clearly I am happy to see any reduction in deaths and clearly such a reduction can be seen as fabulous… but then… we are still talking about 230 people who die through “accidents”.

230 people losing their lives following a “good night out”.

230 people!

Put those 230 people onto an aeroplane that crashes or a ship that sinks and we would all remember them.  We would sit glued to our television screens as we watch events such as the concordia disaster unfold that killed 32 individuals.  We would be horrified.

230 people per annum!

230 people with family and friends who have lost their loved ones.

The fathers and mothers in that figure of 230 with dependent families.

The 230 families whose lives will have been turned upside down and will never be the same ever again – the impact of loss there for decades to come.

And the drink drivers?… the shame and the guilt of being responsible for all of this devastation must be immeasurable – are you or your family ever likely to “forget” or “forgive”?

At Personal Injury Pal, we deal with the people affected by “drink driving” accidents.  This is not only by death but for all the many thousands of people that are also injured in such accidents.  We deal with the families on a day to day basis.  We see the devastation that these “accidents” have on the lives of the individuals concerned and also their families.  The legacy is forever.

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Was that good night out really worth it?  Perhaps not.  Is the £10.00/£20.00 taxi fare really worth that much?

Safest option – don’t drink alcohol and drive!  Walk or get a taxi!  Whatever the transport cost it really is cheap compared to wrecking all those lives!

Personal Injury Pal wants everyone to have a safe run up to the Christmas holidays!