Christmas Poem

My poem this year
Is different I know
Not about partying
Shopping or snow

I look back and reflect
Feeling sad for those lost
Those ill and bereaved
We’ve paid a huge cost

With the virus upon us
Only one day for fun
No doubt we’ll have lockdown
Once Christmas is done

Seems silly to think
At Christmas last year
Sprouts running out
Was out biggest fear

It’s not been that bad
The commute gone forever
Working from home
Get up at your leisure

And those visitors we dread
Now no need to hide
We just say no mixing
At last Boris on our side

And what’s with the cats
Their beds on your desk
Still we let them lie there
Despite them being pests

We’re working and are focused
Progressing just fine
Till the system goes down
Keep calm! Where’s the wine?

We’ve all tried so hard
To flatten the curve
The holidays ahead
Are what we all deserve

We wish you the best
With just one day to go
Despite limited mixing
And no sign of snow

Lift up your glass
Your wine and your beer
Here’s hoping for a good one
And a Happy New Year

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