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Friday, May 23rd, 2014

In just an hour or two then we’ll be ‘out of here’ on our way home for the long Bank Holiday weekend.

Sunny and warm I hope.

I have not made plans other than a hair appointment and catching up with friends. This is good though because I can escape from the frantic, fast world of mine, which is strangely busier now than it ever was when the kids were young.

I smile smugly to myself as I remember the children in their infant years.  Those lazy, long, hot summer days which were full of their sweet laughter…

…They would play out the front.  We live in a cul-de-sac which was quite safe, but nevertheless we always kept an eye out for them, but one day our daughter went missing.  I can’t remember how old she was exactly but probably infant school age.  She had been playing out with her elder brother and his friend, but suddenly she was gone.  We were all out searching including all the kids and neighbours.  Seconds ticked away, maybe a minute or two, franticly you wonder whether to ring the police.  Searching outside is the obvious, but you do need to check inside too. Ridiculous places like the wardrobe where you know she will never be, but still you check.  And would you believe it, there she was, all curled up, fast asleep on the winter quilt at the bottom of the wardrobe, bless!

Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingham - paddling pool


On those long, hot, summer days my kids would always plead for me to get the paddling pool out.  Inevitably they would get their own way.  It was a ‘no’ though when my daughter asked for the paddling pool out in the middle of January.  The sun was shining brightly in January and her thoughts were:  Sun shining brightly = paddling pool out!

We were lucky enough to have a caravan holiday every year.  Anglesey was beautiful in the summer, but we could not escape those cold winds that swept in from the sea.  As you walked around a particular corner to the swimming pool you were faced with an icy blast. “Windy Ridge” was the nickname we gave to the corner. One cold winter’s day, back home, I was walking across a car park with my daughter when the biting wind must have reminded her of her summer holiday in Anglesey.  “This is just like Windy Ridge,” she said.  Not a good advert for holidaying in Anglesey, but true!

On the theme of our caravan holidays, one such year we were at Sandy Bay in Exmouth.  On the cliff next to the beach is a training base for the Marines.  I was up early one morning, taking a light jog along the beach when a troup of Marines marched past me.  You can imagine my embarrassment as the sergeant shouted as they do “Eyes right,” then in sync they greeted me with a “Good morning miss!”

Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingham - Sea

A friend of ours was messing about in the sea.  He tipped out a dingy and lost his glasses, never to be seen again.  The next morning I coincidently I found a frame from a pair of glasses which had been washed up on the shore.  They weren’t the same ones.  These ones looked like they had been to France and back, but it was funny when I went rushing back to our friend to hand him his glasses which I had found!

Back to the weekend. Will we be getting the barbecue out, or the “rain making machine” as it is known in our house?  The water authority need not worry about a drought.  Those clear blue skies for miles and miles soon get filled with heavy black, thunder clouds once the magical barbecue is out!

Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingham - rain clouds

Will it be a lovely lie in?  Probably not because for some reason or other all the pigeons from far and wide have decided to hang out, just outside my open bedroom window!

Joking aside, whatever your plans are have a happy, safe Bank Holiday Weekend from all the staff at Personal Injury Pal, Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingham!

We are closed on Bank Holiday Monday, 26 May 2014, but remember you can call us on our ‘out of hours’ number for new Personal Injury Claims only, 07909 925663!






The Friday Feeling

Friday, October 18th, 2013

It’s Friday afternoon and I am sitting in my office in Birmingham.  Time is creeping up on me.  All I can think about is the weekend, but first I must write my Blog.  I put my road traffic accident file away.

What will I write about today?

My mind is a blank.  My secretary bounds in with a big smile on her face and says,

“Thank God it’s Friday and almost pay day!”

This sets me thinking.  Most of my life I have worked Monday-Friday 9-5 so I know how exciting the Friday Feeling is.  It is hard to describe but everyone knows how it feels.  A few minutes to go and that’s it for the whole weekend.  You can look forward to the pub or a glass of wine at home, whatever you choose it’s just the best time of the week.  Family and friends thrown into the mix, as well as lie ins for two days – there are not many people out there who don’t enjoy the Friday Feeling.

Walking through the buzzing city centre and all the workers have an extra bounce in their step.  Anyone would think we didn’t like work!

Even Facebook posts have references to the Friday Feeling and finishing for the weekend.Accident Claim Birmingham - Friday Feeling

If you have a getaway planned, the Friday Feeling is so much better!

Pay day is good too.  Everything is good on pay day.  And we can all have a treat, whether it is buying new clothes, a night out, a takeaway or a bottle of wine; we all get a treat don’t we?

Then it’s Saturday morning or the day after payday and the feeling is gone.  Still it’s good while it lasts, ay?

Take care on the way home especially as the nights are drawing in.  I suspect there are more road traffic accidents in Birmingham in winter, on the dark wet roads.  Wear something reflective if you are walking by the side of busy roads or if you are riding bicycles.  Keep safe so you can enjoy many more Friday Feelings and paydays!

If you are unfortunate to be injured in a road traffic accident in Birmingham or elsewhere, Personal Injury Pal can help.  Read our step by step advice page on what to do in the event of an accident or give us a call.  We operate an out of hours number 07909 925663.  See our website for more details.

Women Drivers

Friday, August 16th, 2013

Women Drivers

You’ve heard them bragging haven’t you?

They’ve been driving all their lives and, of course, have NEVER…

  1. Had an accident
  2. Been caught speeding
  3. Received a parking ticket

Like most women, I fail on all three, the most common being road traffic accidents.

Accident Claim Birmingham - women drivers .

I can’t even count on one hand how many road traffic accidents I’ve had. To get anywhere near the total amount I have to use both hands, excluding my thumbs mind-you.

Not all my fault I must say. My other half doesn’t believe me – just like every other husband and boyfriend on this planet. Well, you know what they say ‘That’s men for you…’

Accident number one happened not long after I passed my driving test. I just finished rugby training and jumped into the car as I made my way home. I pulled out and signalled to turn right when I was hit by an oncoming car.  I should have given way but I didn’t see the car.  Why? You ask. The car came hurtling round the bend at such a speed I didn’t even see it.  Anyway, I settled for a ‘careless driving’ conviction.

By the time of accident number two I had taken advanced driving lessons and passed the test.  Even having accomplished such a thing, I still managed to reverse off my drive into a parked car.  Well, it wasn’t my entire fault, it was dark. Whose car was it? As a law abiding citizen, I had to own up. The owner of the dented car was a friend of ours and he was in our house!

Accident Claim Birmingham - His Hers Garage

So, unlike the previous accidents, I can confidently say accidents three and four were definitely NOT my fault. Accident three was exactly the same as accident four. As I was approaching an island I hesitated giving way to traffic on my right.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to predict what happened next. As I hesitantly approached the island I was hit from behind. They must have thought I was going to proceed onto the island but didn’t predict my hesitance.  Needless to say, the Hubby agrees with the other drivers – I should not have hesitated!

Accident number five was definitely not my fault. Once again I was approaching an island. I wanted to go straight on which would take me towards Wolverhampton Town Centre. Like you do, I kept in the middle lane which was clearly marked ‘straight-on’.  A motorcyclist who wanted to go left was in the right lane. He thought I was going left in the near lane and he’d go left in the outside lane.  You can imagine how it happened, but why was he in the right hand lane wanting to turn left? I rang the ambulance while the motorcyclist lay there in agony. I felt helpless but I knew I had to make it clear to the police/insurers what exactly happened so that I wouldn’t get the blame for an accident which wasn’t my fault. When the ambulance arrived they took him to hospital where, unfortunately, he was treated for broken bones.

Accident number six (and for all you insurance companies out there) – it was not within the last five years!  I was in slow moving traffic and let a car into a space in front of me who joined the traffic from a road to my right.  As soon as he merged to the front of me he decided to slam his brakes on. My insurers insisted that this accident was my fault because I ended up crashing into the back of his car.

So, as well as trying to get the best compensation for you following your road traffic accident in Birmingham or elsewhere, I can empathise with you.  Fortunately, it was only with the first accident that I suffered minor injuries. My accidents have taken their toll and as any member of my family can tell you, I am a nervous passenger and have an imaginary brake in the foot well of the front passenger seat which I use often. (I can say that I have never claimed and anyone who has ever made a claim against me has never used Personal Injury Pal or any other firm which I have worked for).

Joking aside, what we have tried to do at Personal Injury Pal is to give you step-by-step advice on what to do in the event of an accident.  If you follow the advice you will gather important evidence at an early stage which will assist if you make an accident claim.  I know, more than many, that it is stressful at the scene of an accident, but if you do get chance then take a look at our website and click on Free Advice.  You will receive step-by-step advice such as, ‘take photographs of the other car’s damage and registration plate, etc’.  When you are in a panic, it is easy to forget the simplest of things and the Free Advice will act as a reminder.

Accident Claim Birmingham - Train

Just for all of you who are worried about bumping into me on the road. I have chosen to no longer drive and take the arguably safer option of trains and walking.



Solicitors do have their off days… Here are some true stories!

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Trials are always unpredictable

I was at the court trial of an accident claim and my client was giving evidence.  We had arranged an interpreter for her as she did not speak English. It was not long before we realised the interpreter was not interpreting what our client was saying; he did not understand her. You never quite know what will happen at a court trial and this was a classic example.  The trial was postponed, but fortunately the parties managed to reach a settlement.


Never too old to learn

Accident Claim Birmingham - teacher markingA teacher client of mine was checking through his statement in relation to his accident claim.  He proceeded to take out his red pen and marked the statement, correcting punctuation and spellings.  It was like being back at school.





Lassie Come Home

Accident Claim Birmingham - LassieA stray dog was running over the main road in danger of being knocked down, so we took him in the office.  We fed him, bought him a lead and kept him at work until the dog catcher arrived.  It was a happy ending as the dog was reunited with the owner.  Unfortunately, we do not represent dogs in accident claims in Birmingham.


Judges are human

I was at a hearing for an accident claim in court when the Judge’s mobile phone went off. He apologised. You would think that was bad enough, but he proceeded to take the call.  When he ended the call the Judge apologised again, chuckled, and said he was setting a bad example!  I wonder if he would have been so amused if my client had done the same!

Savvy 7 Year Olds

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

Are we a claims culture?  Not surprisingly I don’t think we are.  The difference I see is in the publicity.

However,  my job has clearly rubbed off on my little darlings as I find ‘risk assessment’ being passed down the genetic link.

Any spillage, be it in the supermarket or train station, my 7 year old tugs at my sleeve and insists that I find an attendant to deal with the issue.  She is not backward in telling the assistant the exact cause of the problem and indeed the effect namely ‘someone could slip or trip’ etc.

personal injury solicitors birmingham - kid in supermarket

Is this a claims culture or is this just public goodwill and common sense?

When my savvy 7 year old becomes 8 and starts dropping my cards around the spillage I may change my mind!!