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Friday, May 23rd, 2014

In just an hour or two then we’ll be ‘out of here’ on our way home for the long Bank Holiday weekend.

Sunny and warm I hope.

I have not made plans other than a hair appointment and catching up with friends. This is good though because I can escape from the frantic, fast world of mine, which is strangely busier now than it ever was when the kids were young.

I smile smugly to myself as I remember the children in their infant years.  Those lazy, long, hot summer days which were full of their sweet laughter…

…They would play out the front.  We live in a cul-de-sac which was quite safe, but nevertheless we always kept an eye out for them, but one day our daughter went missing.  I can’t remember how old she was exactly but probably infant school age.  She had been playing out with her elder brother and his friend, but suddenly she was gone.  We were all out searching including all the kids and neighbours.  Seconds ticked away, maybe a minute or two, franticly you wonder whether to ring the police.  Searching outside is the obvious, but you do need to check inside too. Ridiculous places like the wardrobe where you know she will never be, but still you check.  And would you believe it, there she was, all curled up, fast asleep on the winter quilt at the bottom of the wardrobe, bless!

Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingham - paddling pool


On those long, hot, summer days my kids would always plead for me to get the paddling pool out.  Inevitably they would get their own way.  It was a ‘no’ though when my daughter asked for the paddling pool out in the middle of January.  The sun was shining brightly in January and her thoughts were:  Sun shining brightly = paddling pool out!

We were lucky enough to have a caravan holiday every year.  Anglesey was beautiful in the summer, but we could not escape those cold winds that swept in from the sea.  As you walked around a particular corner to the swimming pool you were faced with an icy blast. “Windy Ridge” was the nickname we gave to the corner. One cold winter’s day, back home, I was walking across a car park with my daughter when the biting wind must have reminded her of her summer holiday in Anglesey.  “This is just like Windy Ridge,” she said.  Not a good advert for holidaying in Anglesey, but true!

On the theme of our caravan holidays, one such year we were at Sandy Bay in Exmouth.  On the cliff next to the beach is a training base for the Marines.  I was up early one morning, taking a light jog along the beach when a troup of Marines marched past me.  You can imagine my embarrassment as the sergeant shouted as they do “Eyes right,” then in sync they greeted me with a “Good morning miss!”

Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingham - Sea

A friend of ours was messing about in the sea.  He tipped out a dingy and lost his glasses, never to be seen again.  The next morning I coincidently I found a frame from a pair of glasses which had been washed up on the shore.  They weren’t the same ones.  These ones looked like they had been to France and back, but it was funny when I went rushing back to our friend to hand him his glasses which I had found!

Back to the weekend. Will we be getting the barbecue out, or the “rain making machine” as it is known in our house?  The water authority need not worry about a drought.  Those clear blue skies for miles and miles soon get filled with heavy black, thunder clouds once the magical barbecue is out!

Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingham - rain clouds

Will it be a lovely lie in?  Probably not because for some reason or other all the pigeons from far and wide have decided to hang out, just outside my open bedroom window!

Joking aside, whatever your plans are have a happy, safe Bank Holiday Weekend from all the staff at Personal Injury Pal, Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingham!

We are closed on Bank Holiday Monday, 26 May 2014, but remember you can call us on our ‘out of hours’ number for new Personal Injury Claims only, 07909 925663!







Friday, May 2nd, 2014

As we approach the holiday season we all look forward to that well-earned break from work or the kitchen sink. Your break may be in the form of day trips out or an early ‘get-a-way’.
Wherever you go or whatever you do, one thing is certain, you will be spending more time with your other half….

Plain sailing? Or maybe not?

I know! I have been in a relationship for many years!

In my case though going on holiday is a happy time. There is less stress generally and holidays are always fun.
On the flip side, however, the stressful times are those mundane normal days.
So here are the first 10 things which have entered my head to describe those irritating, niggling moments:-
Accident Claim Birmingham - Dogs

1. Pets
There is a family argument going on. Your hubby has sided with your son and you have sided with your daughter. Yes, it’s girls against boys. You have to then resort to including pets. They win, we had a boy dog and a boy cat, but only one girl cat! 4 against 3!

2. Housework
Hubby does the housework and expects a thank you. I do the housework, but do I get a thank you? No! He even leaves the hoover out so that I know he’s been doing the chores!

3. Cats again
Accident Claim Birmingham - Cat Hettie
Our girl cat, Daisy-May, has a set routine. When she wants to leave the living room she always runs under the table before being let out of the door. So I get up to open the door. She runs under the table and then just sits there. Seriously, she won’t go out unless hubby opens the door. My plan is to record this and download it on to ‘You Tube’ for you all to see!

4. Food
Our roles are reversed now. Hubby buys the shopping and he may buy a new type of cheese for example which I say is lovely. He buys it again and again because I like it. Has he not heard the expression ‘Variety is the spice of life’?

5. “It’s on the side”
One of my favourite comedians is Lee Evans and I just love the sketch where the ‘Mrs’ says “It’s on the side.” On the way out to work I’m looking for my keys, phone, glasses as you do with hubby grumbling in the background because I can’t find stuff. Of course he NEVER loses stuff!

6. Taking your bag to the loo
We all do it don’t we girls? We are out in a bar and need the loo and off we go with our handbags closely by our side. We re-touch our make-up and the like, but have you ever left your bag in the capable hands of your other half whilst you are away for just a minute or two? What do they do? Go to the bar or for a quick cigarette and where is your bag? All forgotten about at the table on its own with a neon sign glowing from it saying “come and steal me!”

Accident Claim Birmingham - Sainsburys

7. Gossiping
I go to the shops to buy food. In and out so I can get on. He’s there chatting to mates we bump into. Mates in one aisle, then mates in another aisle. Not a care in the world and I’m there with my false smile wishing he’d hurry up, tapping my feet.

8. Soaps
A bit of Corrie or Emmerdale is just what we girls need to relax after a busy day at the office. Not hubby’s cup of tea as he prefers the boys’ programmes for example ‘Top Gear’ and the like. So when I’m not in the room why are you watching the soaps?

9. Big softie
The kids are all grown up and independent, so we make a pact to start saving. Our daughter only has to look at him with her puppy dog eyes and there he is using the credit card to buy her shopping or that ‘must have’ top!

10. Facebook
Don’t tell me you are fed up of me going on Facebook. I resisted for years and hubby kept saying how brilliant it was until eventually I relented! I have my own Facebook and our Personal Injury Pal Facebook.

So there are my first 10 irritating, niggling moments which entered my head which could quite easily stretch to 50 or more…..

Despite the negatives our other halves are always there for us, so give them an extra hug this holiday.

We hope you have a happy and fun Bank Holiday Weekend, but if you do need advice on a personal injury claim you can look at our ‘Free Advice’ section on our website or call us on our ‘out of hours’ number for new personal injury claims only. You never know, you might get some great advice!

Excited about your holiday?

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

This Blog, for once, is not about accident claims in Birmingham. As its holiday season, I thought I would write something a bit more appropriate.

“I have worked hard all year and I deserve a holiday,” you say to yourself as you excitingly click on your ‘out of office assistant’.  No more work for a week! Two if you are lucky!

By now you’ve probably purchased your holiday clothes, (beach and going-out clothes, one outfit per day, not forgetting something to travel in, of course), sunglasses, a suitcase and brand-new beach towels (last year’s simply won’t do).

On the way home you can’t keep your excitement to yourself so you tell your Facebook friends and Twitter followers that you’re off work for a week and are off on your holidays tomorrow.  You know you shouldn’t; you’re  simply saying to the world, “Hey everyone, my house will be empty for a week or two, come on in!” – But you still do it.

Once home it is last minute packing.  This goes on until the early hours of the morning because your suitcase can never be too full or you’re worried you’ve forgotten something.

“Will I ever wear those 7 T-shirts, 7 dresses, 7 tops and 7 pairs of trousers”, you think as you get in the car.  I don’t think so!

You may have made a packed-lunch to save on the cost of the extortionate motorway service station prices.  If you have kids you will only be in the car for half an hour before they start asking you, no, not the traditional, “Are we there yet?” Not yet anyway, but the , “When can we have our sandwiches?”  Yes, those sandwiches which were made for lunch-time, not 6am in the morning!

Queue of traffic behind tractor on the A75 road UK

Trouble ahead!  Before you hit the motorway, you get stuck behind a tractor.  This isn’t good as you know you have got to get on the M5 before the busy summer school holiday getaway.  Pass the cut off time for getting on the motorway and you are doomed – it could be 6+ hours of fun motorway travelling ahead.

So then, the conversation about which motorway services you will stop at.  It has to be planned, just right (probably by the man in your car).  Stop at the wrong motorway services and you hit traffic.  Stop at the right motorway services and you miss the traffic. How does that work?

When you reach the services you always end up in the lane for lorries or for fuel when all you really want is the normal services as your dying for the loo.  This happens to us at every service station, why is it all so confusing?

Accident Claim Birmingham - queue for loo

Everyone must surely have this conversation?  Doesn’t everyone say something about the cost of food or goods sold at the service station yet we all still go there?  Well, the seal can’t remain unbroken forever.  As always, the women have to queue for the toilets, but not the men.  Where are the men when you come out?  Never in the place where you arranged to meet them.  Yes, after searching the whole building, you finally find them, back in the car!

Back on the motorway and the stop proves to be a big mistake when you come across the signs warning you to ‘reduce speed’ as there are queues ahead.  Right on cue (probably the man in your car) says, “I told you we shouldn’t have stopped”.  This is the same person who carefully planned which services to stop at!

Finally, the new sat nav (purchased for the holiday) takes you away from it all.  Sandwiches gone, breakfast eaten, its 9am and you have 7 hours till you finally get access to your caravan for the week.  Happy British seaside hols!

Accident Claim Birmingham - caravans sand

I hope you don’t have an accident but if you do while travelling and away, make sure you search for  the ‘Personal Injury Pal‘ website on your phone. This will give you access to ‘free advice’ on what to do in the event of an accident and after.




It will soon be a Bank Holiday – What could possibly go wrong!

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Memories Fade

Fortunately we are on course to enjoy a Bank Holiday without snow on the ground, so we can actually plan to take a trip out.

Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingham kids in carYou only have to say the words ‘Bank Holiday’ and ‘trip out’ and it takes me back to an early childhood memory of being stuck in traffic on a road from Liverpool to North Wales, probably somewhere near Mold for what seemed like hours with my parents repeatedly saying ‘never again’.  So that was pretty much it, Bank Holidays sewn up.  Always spent at home.

An earlier memory on that North Wales road was that of a tree falling and hitting the bonnet of our VW Beetle.  This story was often discussed at home.  I have a vague picture in my head of the tree on the bonnet of the car but I really do not know whether this memory is real or has my mind created the picture over the years.

Yes memories do fade, which is why, if you have an accident, you should make notes – on paper, on the back of a cigarette packet, it does not matter, but a Top Tip is to make notes.

It is recognised in the legal profession that more emphasis is placed on notes made at the time of an accident than, for example, a statement made a year later.

Kids – What do we do with them?

What do we do with our kids on Bank Holidays?  I am now spared this worry as my children are grown up, but I do miss those busy, but fun, crazy days.  One day for a party we hired a ‘Gladiator’ Bouncy Castle which went in our back garden.  There must have been between 20 and 30 kids – what were we thinking?

Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingham kids bouncy castleThis was before the case of  a 10 year old boy who was seriously injured on a bouncy castle. The boy was playing with a much older and taller boy, doing somersaults.  It was whilst doing a somersault that the older boy’s heel struck the younger boy on the forehead and he sustained a depressed skull fracture and brain damage. The judge decided that the people who had hired the bouncy castle (the Defendants) were liable to the boy – they had to maintain constant supervision,  prevent children from doing flips or somersaults, ensure that only children of a similar size and weight played on the bouncy castle at the same time.

The trampoline in our back garden was taken down the next day.

There was then an appeal by the Defendants and the Court of Appeal allowed the appeal.  The judge concluded “The Defendant could not be held at fault for the way that she acted.  The manner in which she was supervising activities on the bouncy castle … accorded with the demands of reasonable care for the children using it.  The accident was a freak and tragic accident.  It occurred without fault”.  (Perry & Perry v Harris (a minor) 2008.

A Top Tip – check your household insurance.  If you own your own property you don’t want to be forced to sell to pay damages for an accident which was your fault which occurred on your property.  The level of insurance is important too.

Bank Holiday – Taking things to the skip

What fun Bank Holidays we have?

If you are having a clear out or decorating, please keep safety in mind.  As a Personal Injury Lawyer, I would hope I am more careful than most, but my family will probably recall times that I have left things at the top of the stairs which they have nearly fallen over.

Accident Claim Birmingham cat on stairsA cat + stairs = danger – as my colleague Stephen O’Neil will verify.  He fell over his cat on the stairs and sustained injuries.

Just take an extra second or two to move something away so it is not a tripping hazard.

A Top Tip is to wear protective clothing when working:- gloves, a hat, clothing which cover your arms, thicker clothing, non slippy shoes etc.

Personal Injury Pal hope you have a good Bank Holiday break, but remember if you have an accident or know someone who has and you are wondering if a claim can be made,  it may be worth a chat with one of our team at Personal Injury Pal.

From Snow at Bank Holidays to Motorcyclists and a daft dog

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013
Accident Claim Birmingham Easter eggs in basket

Easter Eggs

Could this be a first?  Snow on the ground on a Bank Holiday?  I live in Telford in Shropshire and it has been a weekend of shovelling snow to get the car off the driveway.  We tried to buy a snow shovel, but they were all out of stock.  Yes people panic bought snow shovels!  We should be buying seeds, compost, paddling pools and barbecues.

For those who do not work, on a usual spring Bank Holiday, you will probably head out somewhere.  Whether it be a meal out, the shops or further afield such as AltonTowers or the coast.  It is a time to relax with our families or friends.

One thing I have noticed, which is upsetting, is that if you pick up a local paper after a Bank Holiday weekend there will be a report of a road traffic accident, probably involving motorcyclists.  I assume that motorcyclists take to the road to go to bike meetings or just go on a day trip with other riders.  They use the country roads and as I understand practise the bends, some maybe in training for the TT races on the Isle of Man.

I have actually seen two riders come off their bikes, but fortunately they escaped serious injury.  One came off going around a bend of a country road, the other on a bend in a town.  On both occasions we stopped to help.  Neither of the riders would have been able to claim because the accident was their fault.  To claim you must be able to blame another driver.

I accept that usually with motorcycle accidents, however, it is not the rider’s fault.  Car drivers do not always ‘Think Bike’ when pulling out.  I have dealt with a claim whereby a car driver pulled out from stationary as a motorcyclist was overtaking.  The motorcyclist was knocked off his bike and was injured.  He succeeding in his claim against the car driver.   This accident occurred because the car driver did not look over his right shoulder to check for traffic before pulling out.

It is probably therefore a perception that there are more accidents involving motorcyclists on Bank Holidays than car drivers.  Unfortunately their accidents tend to be more serious and hence why they are reported in the press.

Whether you are a motorcyclist or car driver please drive carefully over the forthcoming Bank Holiday weekends.  If you are unfortunate to be involved in an accident don’t forget that Personal Injury Pal can help if you are considering making an accident claim in Birmingham.  Please contact us or turn to our ‘Free Advice’ pages.

Accident Claim Birmingham dog jumping out of car

Daft Dog

I do recall a funny incident on a hot summer day. 

The ring road around Telford Town Centre has three lanes all in one direction.  All of a sudden a Labrador dog jumped out the open front passenger window of a moving car which was in front, but to the left of us.   The dog rolled, but got to its feet and shook itself down.  The owner pulled up sharply and got out to retrieve the dog.  All was fine but things could have been a lot worse.  Cars behind could have crashed into the owner’s car or the dog could have been run over.  People could have been hurt.

Personal Injury pal hope you enjoy the forthcoming Bank Holiday weekends, but please keep safety in mind when out on the road.