A New Medical World

How would you like a new push button system of diagnosis with your GP?  It would no doubt cut NHS costs.  “If you have a cough press 1”, 1 is pressed followed by a list of other sub-symptoms, – coughing up blood? any flem? Dry cough” followed by after pressing another button “how long – 2 days or under; 1 week or under” followed by a series of endless telephone button pressing whereby I would wait for “sorry you are terminally ill”.  A horrifying and hopefully never to be seen system!!

Yet here we are, having accidents which affect our health, wealth and inevitably happiness and we are happy to be passed to a call centre to deal with our claim.  We crave our doctor’s personal touch (not too literally!) simply because as human beings we are social creatures.  We like to tell someone face to face how we feel.  We like to have that personal reassurance when looking in their eyes and that sigh of relief when we are told what we are facing.  My clients aren’t a form; they aren’t something that I can fit into a tick box.  Their accident no matter how small will have affected them.  To them they may be wary; frightened; worried about the future; nervous; not sure what to do!  Solicitors are there for a reason!  We are the “doctors” as far as your legal requirements go.  If we continue to systemise everything where will it all stop?  Let’s hope not at the NHS!