A Day in the Life of a Personal Injury Lawyer

Another Blog to write, a blank page, what can I write about today?  I do like to read Blogs about what people in other professions do on a day to day basis, so maybe people may like to read about what we do, or maybe not!

The alarm buzzes at 5.30am.  I hit the snooze button for five and then get up.  It is actually 5.30am as my clock is always five minutes fast.  My husband will never understand me.

Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingham - Eamonn

The next hour is spent getting ready, a quick cuppa with toast.  Making sandwiches to go.  Catching up with the news, with Eamonn Holmes and Charlotte Hawkins.  Their banter does make me laugh.  Not forgetting the quick conversation with my husband about where the cats are.

Then I get dropped off at the station.  I stand on the platform, same place every morning, it is as if my name is written there in invisible ink.

The journey is around 40 minutes.  Sometimes I chat, if not I catch up with Facebook and read snippets from the Metro when I lose my signal.

I arrive at work at around 8am.  This gives me an hour before the phones start.  I chat to colleagues, yes most of us do start early, another cuppa, then I ensure all emails and messages from the previous day are dealt with.

Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingham - Train

A personal injury solicitor runs many cases at the same time.  The skill you need is to ensure that every client is happy with the progress you are making on their personal injury claim.  Your underlying duty is to your client.

Urgent cases do take priority so it is a juggling act most of the time.  Keeping those balls in the air, keeping the tide back.

Sometimes you just do not know where to start.  A good system of work helps.  A ‘To Do List’.

I jot down tasks to do.  It could be writing a statement, reading a medical report or entering the injury claim on the ‘Claims Portal’. We rarely sent ‘letters of claim’ now as the process starts when we enter the claim on the ‘Claims Portal’ which is a secure website linked up to insurance companies.

Interruptions come throughout the day.  Telephone calls, emails, post coming in, colleagues asking questions… You are distracted and leave one job, then start another.

Yesterday an offer came in.  I stopped what I was doing.  I looked at the value of the claim then rang the client.  The offer was good, the client was happy.  I was able to accept the offer there and then.  Accepting an offer is one of the best parts of the job, only beaten by winning at trial and handing your client their damages cheque.

Then it is back to what you were doing before you were interrupted.  You open the file you were working on before, then the phone rings again…

At lunch I walk out in the fresh air.  It is twofold, fresh air and nobody can find me!  My sandwiches I eat at my desk.

As well as paperwork the job entails interviewing new clients, sometimes in the office, at their homes or on the telephone.  You go to conferences with barrister at Chambers, to court for hearings and trials, the list is endless.

Also creeping into my job description is marketing.  Exactly what I am doing now.  I have just stopped being a Personal Injury Lawyer whilst I write this Blog.

At 5.30pm the office closes, but I do carry a work mobile for new personal injury claims only.  On the train journey home I chat or catch up with Facebook.  I have tried reading but I am simply done in.  Occasionally I listen to music.

I do keep fit.  Sometimes I walk from the station home.  Yesterday there were no street lights lit and it was pitch black.  Maybe not such a good idea.   Sometimes I jog.

Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingham - Sea 2

Winter evenings are probably spent chatting with hubby, who by the way cooks my tea, watching a bit of TV, looking at Facebook.

The summer evenings are what I like best, a glass of wine in the garden – not too long now as there is supposed to be an early heat wave on the way!

And do you know what?  In spite of all the stress, all the ball juggling, life is good!