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A&E Chaos

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

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I have nothing but admiration for the staff at the A&E Department at Princess Royal Hospital in Telford and the paramedics of the West Midlands Ambulance Service given the chaos they work in on a day to day basis…….

It was Monday morning, 9th January 2017, when I had to ring for an ambulance as my husband was struggling to breathe.  He has an ongoing illness, but this particular morning he was a lot worse than usual.  I rang 999 and the paramedics were with us within 10 minutes.  My husband’s oxygen levels had dropped dangerously low.  He was given oxygen and taken to the Princess Royal Hospital.

It was around 7am when my husband arrived at A&E.  I met up with him shortly after he arrived.  He was on a trolley being cared for by the paramedics.  Within 10 minutes or so he was given a bed and the paramedics were released.

The room my husband was in was next to the main corridor where the paramedics deliver their patients to the A&E Department.

We were actually in the A&E Department for around 14 hours that day so witnessed first-hand the conditions that the paramedics and staff were faced with.

There were patients being brought in by paramedics most of the time. There were times when the corridor was full of patients on trolleys waiting to be admitted to the A&E Department. Despite this the paramedics provided the utmost care to their patients and waited patiently to be released so they could deal with their next emergency.

The staff in the A&E Department including consultants, registrars, nurses, auxiliaries etc were rushed off their feet, but again were professional in their work and the care which they provided.

You may think 14 hours is a long time to wait before being admitted? I agree it is, but we did not complain because it was obvious the staff were not to blame.

The paramedics that answered my husband’s 999 call and some staff were still working well over 12 hours later!

We need to look after our NHS staff, so in turn they can look after us!

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