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Friday, July 11th, 2014

I have just glanced at the title of my last Blog ‘Come on lads, make us proud!’ and I can’t help thinking I have jinxed England.  You see out of all of the World Cup games which I have watched, whichever team I wanted to win, the other team won and my team lost! Seriously!

At the start of the World Cup although we all knew the odds were against England, we all had that little hope, deep down, that just maybe, this time, because we were expecting England to lose, that they would win.  Alas it was never to be…

‘Never mind’ I said to myself as England went crashing out, I still had Italy which I had backed and not forgetting Ivory Coast which is the team I had in the work sweepstake.

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I was lucky enough to catch the second half of the infamous Italy v Uruguay game in which the referee missed the Suarez bite, leaving him on the pitch and Italy out!  With my luck, it was inevitable Ivory Coast would soon also be on their way home.

‘Okay, I can still enjoy the World Cup without any monetary interest,’ or so I thought.  By this time the pattern was well and truly established… as I watched the games, the team I wanted to win always lost!

It got so predictable that prior to the Netherlands v Argentina game I put a post on my personal Facebook to predict that Argentina would win, as my preference would have been the Netherlands.

So with anticipation I look forward to the World Cup final on Sunday.  I am currently mulling over which team I want to win!

Birmingham in the Sun!  

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On reflection it has been a great World Cup keeping us entertained most evenings.  Even the TV adverts have been fun.  My favourite being the meerkat advert where the daddy meerkat takes the baby meerkat’s teddies away which causes baby meerkat to pout and daddy meerkat to quickly give them back to baby. Very clever and directed at all those parents who will never forget their babies pouting.  (See link below).

And not to mention the catchy Brazil World Cup theme tune where we all sing out loud ‘Brazil! Brazil!’ and swing our arms in time!  (See link below).

Well now it’s nearly over, at least we can look forward to some good TV programmes as the channels are back in competition with each other, fighting for viewers.

With the World Cup door nearly closed, a new door opens as we look forward to the commonwealth games and the summer holidays. Within the last few days I have seen it predicted that we are to have temperatures in the 80’s and as I have booked a UK caravan holiday what could be better!

Oh dear, just a minute, have I just open the floodgates for a summer of torrential rain?

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Once in ‘You Tube’ type in the search box ‘meerkat advert oleg loves toys

Once in ‘You Tube’ type in the search box ‘ITV world cup song Brazil Brazil