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The youth of today, written by Harry

Friday, February 28th, 2014

So you look at people my age, youthful, endearing and often think “God, aren’t you annoying and unambitious?” to which I often reply with a grunt.

Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingham - Reception

But in the most non-pretentious way possible, I am not representative of this age group.  So here I was, Monday morning, after a gruelling train journey and a brutal wake up time, in a strange bed in a strange city, walking through the door of Personal Injury Pal, the Personal Injury Department of Coley & Tilley Solicitors for the first time.

Smaller than I expected, if I’m honest.  Winning a multi-million pound case, you’d think would increase the size of their offices.  However, nothing could beat that sense that the little section of their home that I visited seemed like a bit of a family.  Each partner (yes, posh), had their own office and secretary (again, posh) and no one ever acted as if they were part of some dizzying hierarchy.

Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingha - Secretary's working

Then, there was my involvement in the whole thing.  See, I’m on work experience.  I’m only here because my dad knows anybody and everybody and often work experience involves ‘sticking this sheet in the photocopier’ and ‘phoning this person’.  But it wasn’t.  My involvement included making notes on cases and researching surfing (it’s apparently dangerous as well as pleasurable).

Finally, let’s not forget the feeling you get from making a client feel happy, because that’s what they’re good at here – visiting them personally and making them feel welcome.  Like I did.

But there’s one final thing I must say and this addresses the term ‘ambulance chasers’.  Or rather litigation itself.  Ambulance chasers deliberately use unfortunate events, usually involving an ambulance in order to get a case.  Personal Injury Pal work off recommendations from others and only thrive on this; no heavy TV advertising, just plain old word of mouth.  Then when you’ve made a decision to go after the council who destroyed your life by failing to fix a pothole, you’re guided into that welcoming, homely little office for a friendly chat.

As for litigation, let’s just say you never do the same thing twice.  It could be an unfortunate leg breakage or it could be a life changing injury.

Next time you have to make a claim, take my recommendation, you won’t regret it.  Take a look inside the office and speak to a Solicitor.  It’ll be a personal experience from start to finish.  Even after spending a week with them, it feels like I work here.

Whether they’ll miss my eager face every morning is another matter, but I’ll certainly miss them.

Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingham - Harry going home