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A snail could have run faster!

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

In this age of social media I have accepted that my role as a Personal Injury Solicitor in Birmingham for Personal Injury Pal includes Blogging, so I am often on the lookout for tidbits.

Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingham - lady on train

I don’t have to wait long.  Whilst on the train between Birmingham and Telford the ticket man checks my ticket and says ‘amazing’.  What?…  Seriously, he does it all the time causing commuters to chuckle.  Somehow, I don’t feel his enthusiasm, especially as the nights are drawing in.  I move to get comfy and rustle in my winter coat!

I did, however, have some good news yesterday.  I need to first fill you in on the background:-

Back to January 2013 when we brought in the New Year, I like many of you made a New Year’s resolution.  This time I intended to keep it.  These were the rules:-

Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingham - new year's eve

We all say we will diet, but do diets work?  Not for me.  So instead I decided to do some exercise every day.  The exercise could be a walk, a jog, swimming, whatever, but it must be separate from the walking I do as part of my daily routine, ie walking around the shops does not count.

Things were going well. I chose to walk home from the station, rather than drive.  On other days I would jog or sometimes just walk around the block if I was busy.  Days went by, then a month or two and still every day I kept up my New Year’s resolution.

As I was jogging I thought I may as well enter into a 10k race, which I did in March 2013, the Fradley 10k.  I did not break the hour, but got around in what I thought was a reasonable time.

Funny though, I did not lose weight, but felt a lot healthier and fitter and so I was happy.

I booked in for another 10k in August 2013.  This time my plan was to run it in under an hour.  I downloaded a free training programme and amazingly stuck to it.  I think if you know you have to exercise every day to keep up your New Year’s resolution, then to go out and jog did not seem a chore, just part of my routine.

Race day came and I was fighting fit, ready to break the hour.  I started in the middle of the pack so as not to hinder the athletes; a minute maybe to get to the start.  I was off, pounding the streets of Ellesmere in Shropshire, puffed out quite early, but determined to break that hour.  I ran the first half of the race in half an hour, things were looking good.

Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingham - snails

As I entered the school field heading for the finish, it was bad news.  The minute hand on my watch had passed the 12.  Still I finished in a reasonable time, but my daughter’s words were “Mum you weren’t trying”.  “ I was”, I told her, and I was.  Watching the video back though, a snail could have gone faster.  A link to the video is below, worth a watch even just to hear my daughter’s commentary, at one point she thinks I’ve stopped!

I was disappointed, especially as I was so determined to beat the hour.

Alas, I had still kept to my New Year’s resolution.  Or had I?  On the first day of my holiday in Weymouth I planned to do a short walk, but would you believe it, I totally forgot until I woke with a start in the night and remembered – too late, unbelievable.

There is always next year!

Anyway, back to yesterday and my good news.  I was browsing the web and decided to look at the official results for the Ellesmere 10k.  I was really impressed with their website.  Once you found your name you could look across to see your official race time.  Amongst the columns is a ‘chip’ time.  You wear a chip which records when you cross the start and finish line – and would you know it, my chip time was 1 hour and 4 seconds.  Well that was good enough for me.  All those days believing I had failed, when, but for 4 seconds, I had ran the race in an hour.

What I do want to share with you is how well organised these events are.  You don’t have to be a club member, anyone can run as long as you register and pay the fee.  Your results are posted online and so too are photographs of you competing in the race.

Here is the link to see the snail finishing the Ellesmere 10k.  And seriously, I was going as fast as I could.  I now have so much respect for the Mo Farah’s of this world.

Sadly, until next year, I can’t make better my broken New Year’s resolution.

Feel free to comment.  Have you kept or broken any New Year’s resolutions or do you have tips of fitness or dieting?