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Excited about your holiday?

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

This Blog, for once, is not about accident claims in Birmingham. As its holiday season, I thought I would write something a bit more appropriate.

“I have worked hard all year and I deserve a holiday,” you say to yourself as you excitingly click on your ‘out of office assistant’.  No more work for a week! Two if you are lucky!

By now you’ve probably purchased your holiday clothes, (beach and going-out clothes, one outfit per day, not forgetting something to travel in, of course), sunglasses, a suitcase and brand-new beach towels (last year’s simply won’t do).

On the way home you can’t keep your excitement to yourself so you tell your Facebook friends and Twitter followers that you’re off work for a week and are off on your holidays tomorrow.  You know you shouldn’t; you’re  simply saying to the world, “Hey everyone, my house will be empty for a week or two, come on in!” – But you still do it.

Once home it is last minute packing.  This goes on until the early hours of the morning because your suitcase can never be too full or you’re worried you’ve forgotten something.

“Will I ever wear those 7 T-shirts, 7 dresses, 7 tops and 7 pairs of trousers”, you think as you get in the car.  I don’t think so!

You may have made a packed-lunch to save on the cost of the extortionate motorway service station prices.  If you have kids you will only be in the car for half an hour before they start asking you, no, not the traditional, “Are we there yet?” Not yet anyway, but the , “When can we have our sandwiches?”  Yes, those sandwiches which were made for lunch-time, not 6am in the morning!

Queue of traffic behind tractor on the A75 road UK

Trouble ahead!  Before you hit the motorway, you get stuck behind a tractor.  This isn’t good as you know you have got to get on the M5 before the busy summer school holiday getaway.  Pass the cut off time for getting on the motorway and you are doomed – it could be 6+ hours of fun motorway travelling ahead.

So then, the conversation about which motorway services you will stop at.  It has to be planned, just right (probably by the man in your car).  Stop at the wrong motorway services and you hit traffic.  Stop at the right motorway services and you miss the traffic. How does that work?

When you reach the services you always end up in the lane for lorries or for fuel when all you really want is the normal services as your dying for the loo.  This happens to us at every service station, why is it all so confusing?

Accident Claim Birmingham - queue for loo

Everyone must surely have this conversation?  Doesn’t everyone say something about the cost of food or goods sold at the service station yet we all still go there?  Well, the seal can’t remain unbroken forever.  As always, the women have to queue for the toilets, but not the men.  Where are the men when you come out?  Never in the place where you arranged to meet them.  Yes, after searching the whole building, you finally find them, back in the car!

Back on the motorway and the stop proves to be a big mistake when you come across the signs warning you to ‘reduce speed’ as there are queues ahead.  Right on cue (probably the man in your car) says, “I told you we shouldn’t have stopped”.  This is the same person who carefully planned which services to stop at!

Finally, the new sat nav (purchased for the holiday) takes you away from it all.  Sandwiches gone, breakfast eaten, its 9am and you have 7 hours till you finally get access to your caravan for the week.  Happy British seaside hols!

Accident Claim Birmingham - caravans sand

I hope you don’t have an accident but if you do while travelling and away, make sure you search for  the ‘Personal Injury Pal‘ website on your phone. This will give you access to ‘free advice’ on what to do in the event of an accident and after.




Do you need a Personal Injury Solicitor?

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Personal Injury Pal, Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingham would be happy to advise you about your Personal Injury Claim in Birmingham or elsewhere.

Our Personal Injury Solicitors in Birmingham understand that your personal injury claim in Birmingham is personal to you.  We treat you as an individual.  This is at the core of the service we want to offer you when dealing with your personal injury claim.

You may already have a personal injury solicitor acting for you in Birmingham or elsewhere. If you unhappy with the service they are offering you please contact us as we may be able to take over the file.

Sometimes firms of Solicitors go into Administration. Again we may be able to help. Please contact us.

 Accident Claim Birmingham - Woman redundant

Just Physical Pain?

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Accidents cause injury.  There is a natural assumption of people to think that unless people “see” the injury there is no injury.

Injuries are not just obvious ones.  Injury can have a devastating effect upon an individual and their family.  It impacts on every part of their life.  It is therefore not surprising that psychological consequences of such an injury can happen. The impact of an accident from a psychological standpoint will vary from person to person.  We are all different and will react in different ways.

There is always a “shock” element initially after the accident but if after time, you yourself know that “things” just aren’t quite right, talk to your family.  They may have noticed changes in your mood or personality.  If “things” still don’t feel quite right go and see your GP and talk to them.  GP’s will understand and your thoughts will be more common than you think.  If you are pursuing an accident claim in Birmingham or elsewhere, mention your thoughts to your solicitor.

Psychological injuries are just as, if not sometimes, more important than physical injuries and left to their own devices, without help can lead to more serious complications and impacts on the lives of you and your family.

If you pursue an accident claim with a solicitor at Personal Injury Pal, Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingham, we will talk to you and will listen to all of your concerns about the impact that your accident has had on you.  We recognise that there is more to the aspects of a injury then just the physical side.

Accident Claim Birmingham - sun set

Mums in the Workplace

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

Go to the shops. Buy milk bread and cigarettes.  Go to the shops.  Buy milk bread and cigarettes.

Accident Claim Birmingham - confused woman

I am a solicitor now dealing with clients’ accident claims in Birmingham but not too long ago I was reciting the above ensuring that I did not forget items which I had gone out to the shop to buy

Recent mums may relate to this.  For some reason you have a baby and probably because you have so much new baby stuff to remember, you kind of forget ordinary everyday items like what you need from the shop

My children are grown up now but I do still reflect on the difficult times of balancing being a mum with studying law and later qualifying as a solicitor dealing with accident claims in Birmingham.

On the way into work this morning I read a quote apparently written by a ‘Robert Frost’:-

Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less travelled and that has made all the difference.”

Accident Claim Birmingham - Two woodland paths

I certainly took the road less travelled as I did not study law until I had a tiny baby and upon entering the last year of my law degree my second child came along.

I did fall asleep in lectures and could not answer questions as I had not prepared in advance, but I hid it well.  I used to pretend I was thinking of the answer when all I was doing was saying in my head, ‘ask someone else, please, please ask someone else’……

Although I did have the support of my husband, I still lived my life at 100mph, juggling kids, with study and work and have continued to do so since.

Has the less travelled path made the difference?

I believe that taking the less travelled road in the wood has resulted in me acquiring skills whereby I am 100% committed to my clients when I handle their accident claims in Birmingham; the same commitment I had in the earlier years amongst the chaos of kids, study and work.

If you have had an accident in Birmingham or elsewhere and you are thinking of making a claim please telephone Personal Injury Pal on 0121 643 5531 or 07909 925663.